1. Stop focusing on intensity and just move

Everyone’s so caught up in training intensity and tracking their workouts these days that they’ve lost the ability to intuitively train. 

In my first lockdown I started running. I told myself that I “had to beat my time every day”. I was so caught up in tracking my runs that the moment I stopped beating my previous time, I gave up and didn’t do another run for the remainder of the 3 month lockdown. 

One of the things that will deter you from training in times where motivation is lacking is putting too much emphasis on previous performances.

  • Stop looking into the past
  • Don’t worry about how hard your working
  • Take off your fitness tracker and just do something.

Knowing that you don’t have to push yourself will entice you to be more active.


2. Stretch every morning

People forget that flexibility is an important part of fitness and often overlook and undervalue the physical and psychological benefits it has.

During this recent Sydney lockdown my goal was to stretch every morning with:

  • No pressure
  • No program
  • No intensity 
  • No expectation

It has become something I look forward to every morning as it sets the tone for the rest of the day, puts me in a positive mindset and motivates me to do more.


3. Go for short walks during the day

COVID-19 has caused an increase in people working from home. The problem here is that the lines become blurred between personal and business which can take the joy out of home and family time. 

This type of stress accumulates, causing a domino effect on your health and motivation levels. 

Blocking out times in the middle of the day can:

  • Give you a well deserved break and boost your productivity
  • Get you sunlight exposure which can help reduce stress and improve your mood
  • Keep you physically active
  • Help you stay motivated 

Never feel guilty for looking after yourself and taking small breaks. The positive effects it will have on you emotionally and physically will help you stay motivated during lockdown.